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Activity in Anandashram (India)

Anandashram, our second House in India.

As the number of disabled and orphaned homeless boys increases continually and as the boys grow into men, even though disabled, they needed more space and expansion, and rehabilitation became an internal necessity.


Anandashram - Noviciate Chapel

6th August 2003, on the feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord, with God’s grace and after much prayer and many sacrifices the Brothers were able to purchase a block of land in the village of Bandhwari, in the district of Gurgaon, about 17 Km away from “Deepashram”. At the time of the purchase, the land had no shape whatsoever, and it looked really volcanic, with no proper roads to reach the place, but it was to be transformed into an earthly paradise for our orphaned, homeless and disabled boys to live in.

1 October 2008 – Starting of our second community, in “Anandashram”, although the Brothers and children began to use the place more than a year prior to the above date. Presently we have a community of Professed Brothers with proper Superior and a community of Novices with their novice-In-charge.

2 February 2009 – Blessing of “Anandashram” by his Excellency Most Rev. Vincent Concessao, the Archbishop of Delhi.


The new development and rehabilitation centre is called “Anandashram”, which means “House of bliss”.

It is here that we have built a very big rehabilitation centre and another house for the formation of the Brothers. We have a big Church, a multi purpose hall, a physiotherapy room, and many other facilities for our orphaned disabled boys. Another piece of land is assigned for a volley ball court and enough place for our disabled boys and men to move around. There is also enough land for cultivation and garden work, for fruit trees, surrounded by green grass meadows

It is here that the Brothers, with the help of some workers are taking care and looking after about 60 orphaned disabled boys and men.

A piece of land is assigned for a cemetery, which already welcomed one of the oldest M.C. members, Bro. Damien Kulathinaprayil M.C. We owe much love, respect and gratitude to Bro. Damien M.C. for his untiring work, exemplary generosity, unconditional love for the Society and his fatherly love and concern for the poorest of the poor. Bro. Damien M.C. has a companion in the cemetery: one of our boys who is buried beside him. May they both rest in the Lord.