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The Missionaries of Charity – Contemplative (Brothers)

Where we are

Members are called by the Lord to reflect, live and diffuse the Spirit, Charism and Mission entrusted to our Foundress, Blessed Teresa of Kolkata. Currently the Brothers have communities in Rome, Albania, India, Ghana and Israel.

In Rome we have a night shelter (Casa Serena) for about eighty homeless men, who are provided with a bed, clothing, washing and medical facilities as well as two meals a day and, most important of all, a family to belong to. Visiting the poor on the street, hospitals and old people in their homes, sacramental services in prisons, etc. are some of the apostolates the Brothers do in Rome.

Rome is also the Mother house and the Generalate of the M.C. Contemplative Brothers.

In Albania we have been meeting a very wide spectrum of spiritual and material needs amongst people who have suffered for over 45 years severe state repression, including the attempted total annihilation of religion. Since April 2006, we have an orphanage called “Bethel – House of God” for homeless, disabled, crippled, mentally challenged boys and men. The older disabled men are paying the price for trying to practice their faith during the severe atheist communist regime of old.

In India, our two houses, one of which includes also the formation house, and the Church are in a completely non-Christian area, and we try to give significant witness by living an authentically contemplative Christian life, at the same time providing shelter for about one hundred orphaned, homeless, handicapped boys and men, irrespective of caste, colour or creed.

In Ghana, we are at the service of the poorest of the poor in the city. The Brothers go to the streets and bring destitute and disabled men to our house to have bath, food, clothing…and a few coins to travel back. Our spiritual apostolate is to teach catechism to the poor people and to prepare youth for Baptism and H. Communion in the parishes.

In Nazareth, our community known as Beit Assalam (Home of Peace), blessed on 10 June 2010, is a house of formation for the Tertians. They come to the Holy Land to deepen their spiritual life and their knowledge of the Bible, visiting the Holy places. The Holy Family of Nazareth is our Patron Saint, our Brothers come to pray, to reflect and to ask the Holy Family the grace to be enlightened and to be instructed how to be faithful to the Constitutions, Charism and the Spirit of the Missionaries of Charity-Contemplative. Our apostolate consists in visiting the sick in the hospital, Communion service to the sick and family visit.